I am
Gary Leon Zimmer

My work includes short stories, poetry, True Crime (Tarricone: A Death On Canyon Road) and the recently published book Cappy’s Journal.

My writing thus far could be best described using the word eclectic. There is wit and wisdom in Cappy’s Journal, angst and tragedy in Paul Tremain: God of Alcohol, and a young boy’s rite of passage in The House in the Alley. The poem I am not the Famous One is a tribute to the late Ray Carver, internationally known for his minimalist short stories. Carver’s obituary appeared in the London Times. He graduated from Yakima High School in 1956. I graduated from the same high school one year later.

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The writing started after 26 years of running Seattle Singles, a dating service with multiple weekly activities for Seattle’s young single people weary of the bar scene. Imagine the grinding drudgery of Sunday volleyball, bowling leagues, discussion groups, TGIF weekly gatherings at Seattle’s watering holes, softball teams, the occasional wedding when members fell through the cracks and blind in love, sought the services of a minister. And Saturday night parties . . . endless Saturday night parties . . . fifty-two of them a year, all of them held in members homes or in some cabana at an apartment complex. And during the week . . . 3 or 4 appointments a night, each in a home, an apartment or a restaurant in an attempt to convince a potential new member that he or she was sentenced to circumstances making it difficult for them to meet new people. Circumstances that I could readily change!

Twenty-six years but I survived!

My grandmother, the wise and wonderful Roxanne Bowse and my equally wise and wonderful mother, Cappy (Zimmer, Edmonson, Baumgartner) taught me early on to make hay while the sun shines. Well, there was no hay at the end of that Singles Rainbow . . . but what a great ride!!!

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